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(Y/n) had been depressed lately , her children taking no notice . Yes she had children , her story? Simple , she had fallen in love with a boy in her town . Had kids with him lovely, he went out to chase his dreams . She was okay with it , until he never came back .

His name? Simple , Red . He had got together with (Y/n) after they had turned 19 . Had two kids together over 2 years , but one day Red told her he was going to get his Pokemon back .

He became the champion for awhile , being beated by no one . But in order to come the champ he had to defeat his best friend Green . It made them fight for a long time , ruining their friendship . Then Red just disappeared , many said he went insane .

(Y/n) had always keep her emotions in control around the children , but everyone was talking about Red . She couldn't control herself when her children asked who Red was . She broke down , leaving the children puzzled .

It has been days since (Y/n) locked herself in her room crying her eyes out . Everyone tried to get her out , even Green . People said she was going to die from hunger . And they were right , she wasn't in good health before this . Just about three more days and she would be gone .

Green was done with covering up for Red , he was the only one who knew Red was in the mountains . Red said he needed a break from the fame , that was two years ago . Green would bring food every week , but this time he was going to bring more than food .

Green Marched up the mountains with a bag full of food . He had to hurry if he wanted to save (Y/n) in time . Hey he cared About her to , they are best friends . Red was waiting for him sitting on a rock with Pika . Green growled and threw the food at Red , knocking him off the Rock .

" Green , why would you do that?! "

" You need to go see (Y/n) ! "

" I told you I need a bre- "

" Don't give me that crap! She needs you! "

" She's fine Green "

" She is locked in her room! She hasn't eaten in a week! "

Red's eyes widen , but he stood his ground

" I'm sure she will be fi- "

" She is skin and bones Red! She needs you! "
" I told you she will be fine "

" Whatever! When she's dead the blood will be on your hands! "

Green then stormed off , leaving a frustrated Red . Green made it back to his gym , grabbing his stuff ready to go to (Y/n)'s . When he got there people were burched up at her house . (Y/n) had come out of her room, she could barely stand . She smiled sweetly as she walked to Green .

" (Y/n) you need to e- "

" Shhh Green , I don't have long... "

" Don't talk like that! "

" I want you to take care of them... Please... "

And with those words her body fell limp . Green panicked and picked her up running towards a clinic . She was in the room being treated . After a while Red burst though the door yelling . At this time Green was talking to the Doctor .

" She didn't make it Mr.Oak .... "

Green pulled his hair , this wasn't happening. His best friend. Gone . Green turned around walking to her children grabbing both of their hands . When they passed Red , Green said words that would haunt him forever .

" You were to late "
 " Welcome back! Some are new while some are old as can be, all of you have made it though to the new game of Super Smash Bros! Cheer as you may, cry as you may, but know as you are on the battlefield you better do your best or you may not be back!" Master hand said floating around the members of smash.

Most stood perfectly fine having had gone through this so many times before, while some panicked having no clue what to do. It was truly an honor to be there, and most knew it. Some have seen friends, fathers get kicked out of the game.

 Master hand flicked wildly making a mansion appear before them.

" You shall settle in, pick your rooms, rest for we shall have a tournament in two days."

And with that master hand vanished leaving to fighters to stare at the empty mansion before them. Everyone heard giggles as Ness and Toon Link raced into the mansion eager to pick their rooms.  

Some of the new fighters looked around in amazement it was hard to believe that they were there, smash was known far and wide through out games. To think they were chosen to be here over others.

Toon link raced into a big room , he had a huge grin on his face as he looked around, so far it was just a blank room. He plopped himself on the ground wondering if all his stuff would fit in here. Then it hit him, how was he going to get his stuff? Everyone was just teleported here, no packing. Master hand should had everything covered , nothing needed saving because of master hand.

No one knew but master hand had frozen time in their games so nothing would happen, and if they did know they would react in different ways. No way was Master hand telling anyone about how he managed everything.

Toon link went to turn around to find Zelda or his bigger self. They would know for sure! Would they not? He laughed loudly running back into the hallway of the huge building, he fell to his butt quickly. Slowly looking up he saw the body of someone he did not know. He looked angry, annoyed, bothered. Toon Link kept that little grin on his face anyway. He was not scared , he knew how to fight if he did not he would not be with the other fighters.

The bothered man grumpily pushed the boy away. Toon Link bust into laughter

" Hey that tickles!"

'' Shut up kid'' the man said quickly already getting tired of the people around him. It had only been ten minutes , he just had to wait until it was time for the tournament , and he could slam them all to the ground unleashing his annoyance towards this people.

Toon Link blinked as another version of the male walk up to them with a light chuckle. They almost looked exactly alike, but for the different colors of their outfits, and their expressions. Almost like they were clones but completely different referring to their personalities.

" Gosh Dark so moody, you should be happy! We're at this awesome place!"

" Shut up I don't care that I'm here! "  

The friendlier man softy shook his head with the smile still plastered on his face. He softy bend down to Toon Link's height patting his head.

" Hey there kiddo! My name is Pit, and this moody butt is Dark Pit. He might be upset now but once you know him he's an angel , get it?" He said laughing softy patting Dark Pit's wings.

Dark Pit quickly hit Pit's hand in disgust. " Don't ever touch me again"

" Aw okay buddy!" Pit said with a pout

Toon link brushed off the dust from falling looking up to Pit.

'" Have you seen a bigger me? Or a princess with long brown hair?"

" Sorry kiddo haven't seen anyone like that?"

" Thank you anyway!" Toon link yelled as he ran off in search of Link and Zelda.

Pit smiled putting his elbow on Dark pit's shoulder. " What a nice kid huh?"

" Yeah whatever......"

 Toon Link slowed down not wanting to bump into anyone again , his eyes scanned the room looking for Link or Zelda. He could not believe that he could not find them yet, finally he seen a glance of a dress, that had to Zelda. He quickly ran after the figure with a giggle.

(Am I the only one who has watched game theory and thinks a certain princess is bi  polar?)

He stopped in his tracks once he seen the pink poofy dress that did not belong to his princess. Who was this lady? He shrugged and started to walk. He could only go as far as the lady was, poor Toon link was quickly smacked in the head. He rubbed his temple looking at the lady who's face was red with anger.

" How dare you?!" She yelled angrily

"Ow! What did you hit me?!"

" You know why don't act innocent , you!"

" I don't know what your problem is but I didn't do anything!"

Everyone's heads turned at the noise of the yelling. Pit mumbled to himself.

" I hope the kiddo isn't getting into trouble now......"

Even Dark Pit stood there watching for things to unfold. Quickly Link grabbed Zelda's hand rushing to Toon Link's side while Mario and Luigi rushed to Peach. Both fandoms did not get along, at all.

Peach just kept smacking Toon Link's head repeatedly.

" Ow! I told you I didn't do anything lady! Knock it off!"

Mario softy pulled Peach away from Toon Link who was grumbling rubbing his head. Link put his hand on Toon Link's shoulder with a stern emotion expression on. He softy spoke.

" Mario...... "

Mario softy handed an angry Peach to Luigi, and walked close to Link.

" Link...."

They stared at each other with a straight face for quite some time until Zelda spoke up, she stood up straight with her hands folded up softy pressing them to her lap, her voice had a hint of annoyance as she spoke.

" Peach........ Please explain why you are hitting why little hero.. Repeatedly.. "

Peach was crouched over in anger still with a red face, poor luigi was being squeezed to death by  the angry princess.

" Hero?! How dare you call that little brat a hero! My Mario on the other hand is a true hero " She said with a quick wink towards Mario.

Zelda sighed deeply telling herself to calm down.

" He is a hero though I do not have to explain for the likes of you. Please just tell us why you were hitting him"

" I'll tell you!! I'll tell everyone how much of a pervert that little boy is!!"

All four heads near her stared at her all but Toon Link who has been glaring at her the whole time rubbing his head. Zelda was bright red with anger, while Link and Mario were wondering just what Toon Link had done. Link thinking how Peach could be wrong in someway, while Mario was thinking of the worse outcome wanting to fight Toon Link more every passing second.

" Pervert?!?! There is no way he is a pervert!! Do you understand?!"

" He is! Why don't you ask the little pervert!"

Link looked at his tiny stuff softy speaking. "What happened? Were you acting like a pervert?"

Toon Link looked up at Link confused " Link what's a pervert?"

Zelda crossed her arms looking at Peach.

" He does not know what pervert means so could he be one?"

Peach crossed her arms angrily with a pout.

" He just is!"

Luigi softy spoke up , the only member of the Mario fandom who was not angry at the time. " Maybe... Maybe you should explain why you think he is a pervert "

Link nodded his head. " Yes , explain "

Peach's cheeks got redder as she hit Luigi's head.

" Fine I will! Thanks Luigi for not trusting me!"

" T-That's not what I meant.... It's just logical to have the story.. "

" Hm whatever! I was just walking calmly humming to my own tune, when I noticed a little boy running behind me, I brushed it off since it was a hallway. But once he got close to me he stopped running and walked slowly behind me! He kept doing it too! Just staying behind me!"

Toon Link spoke up right after Peach finished talking.

 " I only ran to you because I seen a dress and thought of Zelda, then stopped because I seen your pink dress knowing you weren't her, and walked slowly because that's how you walk, and I didn't want to be rude and run pass you!" He said crossing his arms.

Link patted his head " I knew you didn't do anything wrong "

Peach angrily grabbed Mario and Luigi by their arms dragging them away the legend of Zelda fandom. Luigi turned his head around mouthing a sorry at Toon Link.

" That mean lady hurt my head... But still what's a pervert "

Zelda went on her knees putting her hands on Toon Link's shoulders, smiling softy at the tiny Link.

" That does not matter. All that matters is you did nothing wrong "

After those words Zelda stood up dusting off her dress. Toon Link smiled at Zelda but soon remembered what he was searching for Zelda and Link for.

" Oh oh oh! Zelda do you know how we're going to get our stuff to our rooms?"

" Hm... I do not know. Master hand does things different each year I'm afraid "

" Aw man..... Well... Have you guys picked out your rooms?'

 Zelda thought for awhile. " I saw one I quite liked but I did not tell anyone I liked the room. Someone else might have claimed it"

Toon Link's face froze. " We had to... claim it...oops...."

Link ruffed Toon Link's hair with a soft chuckle. " I'm sure no one took it. It would not matter anyway since the room I had my eye on is the best "

Toon Link puffed his cheeks out at Link. Zelda giggled softy.

" Come on boys let's take a little tour of our new home for awhile "

With that they walked off with Toon Link in the middle , Zelda on Toon Link's right and Link on his left.

Pit walked to a tall girl with green hair.

" Palutena what just happened....?"

She turned towards pit with a soft smile.

" It seems the Mario and legend of Zelda fandoms do not get along. "
Super Smash Mansion P1
This is a story where instead of just battling people will bond, argue, laugh, fall in love, and just be amazing.
  You were nervous and not sure Zelda's plan was going to work.  Zelda had pulled you aside weeks ago, you still remembered how flustered you were.

                                                 ~ Time Rewind~

 You were talking with Link having a great time, he was wonderful. You loved him so much, but once you thought about your feelings, it made you depressed. To know you would never be with him , it pained you inside yet when you were next to Link you felt wonderful. No matter how you felt about your actual feelings, the love you felt for Link started being a burden for Zelda.

You and Zelda were best friends almost as close as you and Link, the only thing you would talk about would be him. Zelda got no break from your rambling, once she finally got the change the subject you somehow managed to slip the topic of your love for Link back in. Everytime she would say " How about telling him you like him?". You would start panicking and screaming about how that would be awful. Zelda was done with hearing about Link when she wants to just have girl time.

While you were talking to your love, Zelda came up to the two of you quickly grabbing your arm dragging you away from Link. Both of you love birds did not know what just happened, what was wrong with Zelda you both thought.

Link softy reached his hand out into the air wanting you to stay, he sighed softy to himself. Who was he kidding? He was just another hero among many others, he would not shine out towards you. You could be with anyone you choose. He should just give up on his love for you, he had tried many times before though. Everytime he thought he was even a little close to getting over you. You would show up at his door with his favorite cookies and your cute tiny smile making him fall deeper into his pot of love.

" Z-Zelda is everything okay..? Why did you pull me away from Link?"

" I have been thinking at the reasons you did not want to share your feeling with him"

Your face heated up, you had thought it was going to be life changing news, and it was just about your feelings towards the cute blond. Little did you know how life changing this talk really was going to be.

" I-Is that it..?"

" No not close"

" W-What did you do?!"

" I used my princess power to have Link confess to me about his feelings about you"

" R-Really? What did he say...?"

Zelda softy grabbed your hands with a soft giggle. " He loves you back"

" I don't believe you...."

" Do I have to prove it?"

" Yes.. "

Zelda sighed and shook her head, there was no way she could get Link to just confess to you. He was as shy as you, maybe even shyer. Then an idea popped in her head.

" Do you promise to follow my plan?"

" I-I guess "

" That's my girl!" She said hugging her tightly.

~ Back to the start of the story~

Zelda's plan was simple she would call in a favor from Marth first. Once that was done , you two would start fake dating, hold hands in every spot you and Link would hang out at. Soon enough Link would snap and declare his feelings for you in hopes to win you over.

 You started walking to Zelda's room so you could all meet up, it was the first day of the plan, halfway there you were stopped by Link.

" Hey (Y/n)! Ready to hang out?"

" Actually I would love to but I have somewhere to be"

" O-Oh o-okay.. " He said walking off quickly. He could not let you see him sad, it would not be manly. No woman would like that, you were not rude too, just a simple no.

It made you sad you see him stalk off, but you grabbed yourself together finishing the walk to Zelda's room. Marth and her were already there sitting on the bed. Zelda spoke up

" Are you ready (Y/n)?"

" Y-Yeah!"

Marth chuckled softy grabbing your hand. " Let's go make your prince charming jealous "

With a soft blush you nodded happily, both of you walked outside to the training rooms. Link would always show you how to swing a sword softy grabbing your hips, you both loved that part of the day. Link was training since you could not hang out right now.

He did not turn around once you two walked through the door, people walked in and out all the time, but once he heard your soft cute giggle he turned around quickly with his arms wide ready to hug you as tight as he could. Slowly his arms went down back to his sides seeing you weren't near him. Slowly looking around he seen you in Marth's arms.

He did not know what this new feeling was, and he knew was how strong he felt for you, and he was certain Marth should not have been touching his woman, he carefully took deep breathes telling himself to calm down and you should be happy.

~ Day 2~

It was the second day of the plan and Link still hadn't cracked, not what you could tell. His face stayed the same even though his smile seemed to be less bright than normal. You have not been alone with Link for three days now, and it was killing you both.

Link walked up to You while you were sitting with Marth.

" Hey (Y/n) let's go lay in the garden together!"

" Sorry Link I was just about to do that with my boyfriend Marth. "

That word rang in his ears, boyfriend. It was official , she was taken. His crush, his love was forever out of his reach. How could he have let this happen? He asked himself. Where did he go wrong. Yes he knew she would not have been with him but to see her with someone else hurt too much.

~ Day 3~

Link was fed up , it had only been three days and he hadn't talked to you more than a sentence, it was torture. He was on his way to your room , he was going to tell you how he felt. He was not just going to stand by anymore! He was going to be the hero he was and get his girl! Finally he made it in your room, he roughly slammed your door open making you yelp in stock. The slam came out of no where.

Link matched over to you and put both his hands on the side of your head sitting on your waist. Slowly bringing his mouth closer to yours his breath landed on your neck sending shivers down your spine.

" L-Link... "

He then smashed his lips to yours, softy moving his hands closer to your head. His thumps softy rubbed your cheeks as his lips still passionately against yours. You stared into his eyes with your face bright pink, needing to breathe Link softy pulled away from the wonderful kiss, leaving a trail of saliva. With a soft chuckle Link wiped it away still breathing on your neck.

" L-Link... I-I love you... "

He smiled softy down at you moving his hands down to your neck giving you a soft rub.

" Mine~" He whispered in your ear before planting his face in the crook of your neck.
 You were new to the smash mansion, you knew no one and felt as nervous as you could be. You slowly walked down the long hall that seemed to lead to no where. You were just trying to get to Master hand's room , today was the day. You were going to be introduced to the other fighters. The hands told you that you would be amazing and do such a wonderful job. You yourself was not so sure.

No one was in the hallways since everyone was cleared out getting ready for the series of fights. Finally you had found, more like ran into a door that had the words Master hand engraved. Happily your hand gasped the door handle , as sudden as you tugged on the handle the door busted open.

All that could be seen was a series of blurriness as your bottom hit the ground. You heard a few panicked noises come from a soft voice as you hit the ground. Quickly you were yanked up by the man that had knocked you over. The panicked boy dusted off your clothes.

Your eyes were matched with white soft feathers from the wing of the boy. Your soft voice spoke out.

" A-A little rough with the pull up... don't cha think?"

The boy's face heated up as he straightened out his back, slowly his eyes matched your graze.

" I-I-I'm so sorry miss! I-I was in a hurry and.. "

He rambled on for quite until you held out your hand with a soft smile.

" It's fine I was just teasing "

The boy rubbed the back of his neck staring at the ground a bit embarrassed. You softy walked pass him entering Master Hand's room. He was faced against the glass where he could see he battles raging out. As soon as you stepped forward closer to the hand , he turned around.

" It took you quite some time, did you perhaps get lost?"

" Actually yes Sir "

 Master Hand softy chuckled. " Ah I see. You're on in a few minutes once your last competitor gets to the stage, now remember be careful not to reveal your face until the winner is revealed. "

" I remember. Do you have my cloak?"

Master Hand formed into a pointer finger , and grabbed the blue cloak softy handing it to you. Carefully you put the cloak around your body. You had loved this thing for awhile now, it was sent with your invitation to the smash house.

You heard cheers bust out as the last fighter walked out onto the stage. Three people were there in total.

A bright pink princess

A little cute yellow mouse

And finally the boy you had ran into or well the boy who slammed a door into your body.

You softy put on your hood and nodded at Master Hand as if telling him you were ready. Master hand opened his huge window that lead into the arena, his voice was loud and clear as he yelled.

" A new challenger arrives! "

Fighters' eyes grew wide, none had seen this coming. You quickly made sure your hood was on tight, soon after you jumped down from the window harshly landing on the arena , the ground cracked beneath your feet. With a soft smirk you lifted up your head, leaning up straight. Seconds later the fighters against you regained their minds getting ready to attack. All went for you with a quick charge.

You jumped up to higher platforms dodging the attacks. Softy you spoke up with a giggle.

" Now now I don't think that was fair. I don't have my weapon out yet"

Suddenly You felt your body burn, you were zapped by a lighting bolt from Pikachu himself. Growling softy you quickly pulled out your sword, reflecting the next lighting bolt off your sword, it flew into the sky quickly. Light does travel fast after all.

With a quick hit of your sword the princess was knocked to the end of the arena, right after your hit, the boy you kinda knew knocked her off the stage. 1 down 2 to go. The mouse and you were still reflecting hits off each other. The boy broke it up by hitting the mouse onto a lower platform. Something then blew up by the mouse sending him flat into a wall, just one left.

The boy started to speak up with a soft tone. " I hope you didn't take much damage because I want a awesome fight!"

With a soft giggle you gave him a nod , after the nod your expression turned into a serious one, not that he could see it anyway. You both charged at each other with the same speed. All that could be heard was the clash of metal against metal, so far the battle was a tie. All of a sudden you ducked sliding under his blade , with a quick turn you drove your sword  into his body repeatedly. Before anyone knew it the boy laid on  the ground panting with you standing before him. Humming softy you put your sword back in it's case on your back. Master Hand quickly spoke up.

" And the winner is (Y/N) (L/N)!"

Softy you grabbed the boy's hand tugging him forward, softy you dusted off his clothes.

" You didn't have to help me up you know" He said with a goofy grin

" Just returning the favor "

As soon as those words slipped out of your mouth you softy pulled off your hood smiling at the boy.

" Y-You're the girl I hit with the door!"

" Heh yeah that's me... "

" (Y/N) huh? I like that name! My name is Pit!" He said wrapping a wing around you.

You slowly looked at his wing with a soft blush. You decided to think nothing of it as you walked off towards the house with Pit.

~ Time Skip ~

" Hey Pit can I ask you something?"

" Yeah of course (Y/n)!"

" Can I play with your wings?"

Pit's face heated up, you two were sitting in the grass watching the sky. This question had came out of nowhere , had you been staring at his wings the whole time?

" Oh I'm so sorry I asked!" You said with a red face looking away from the male.

" N-No no.. you can play with them.. "

Your eyes lit up. " Really?!"

" Y-Yeah...."

Softy your hands touched his beautiful wing brushing the feathers back and forward. Pit closed his eyes feeling a wave of bliss wash over him, he felt like a kitty getting petted for the first time. He curled into you softy purring as he did do.

You smiles softy running your fingers across his wing some more, Pit's purrs got louder every second. He curled into you tighter hugging your arm, soon you two were cuddling, his wings softy wrapped around you with your head laying on his chest listening to his heartbeat.

" I have always loved your wings "

" I have just always loved you~"
Hi I'm from Quotev same username as mine here . DevianArt is quite amazing with new things I never seen . All these stories do belong to me . Thank you for reading ^~^


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